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How to Fix Slow Computer Due to AVG Antivirus?

How to Fix Slow Computer Due to Www.Avg.Com/Retail Antivirus – AVG is a manufacturer of the software programs that manufactures Antivirus Protection Programs for the computer to protect them for the spyware, malware, threats, and hackers. The hackers keep hacking thee systems and data by choosing advance and latest technologies. So, to give them tough competition it is also important for the Antivirus Manufacturers to build strong Protections. But sometimes protection programs lower the running potential of the computers. It involves our work and creates many other troubles on our Computer. So check out our blog How to Fix Slow Computer Due to AVG Antivirus by following easy and simple steps.

The slowdown processing of Computers is affected by the functionality of Script Scanning. But well even after this issue, AVG Antivirus is still the number preference of all the technical gadget users in the market. Its extraordinary and brilliant scanning and protection characteristics are the rationale behind its popularity within the market. To know How to Fix Slow Computer Due to Avg.Com/Retail Antivirus.

Update your virus scanner to AVG Enterprise version 8.7, and install the latest patches. If you find it hard to do this, upgrade to AVG Enterprise version 8.5, including the latest patches.

If the first workaround is not worthwhile for you, you can turn off the ScriptScan functionality in AVG Enterprise version 8.x

AVG Antivirus Software offers numerous characteristics and services which sometimes create obstacles while working. It may slow down the operation of your system. AVG Antivirus Software has the potential to scan your system and update it automatically. Well, let us tell you that the AVG Antivirus provides scheduled updates. There can be several reasons behind the slow processing of your system due to AVG Antivirus Protection.

Factors Which are Caused by the AVG Antivirus to Slow Down the Running Process of the Computer Automatic Scans of the AVG Antivirus. The automatic scans of the AVG Antivirus use a lot of RAM and the power of processor which extremely affects the running power of the computer. So, to beat the slow running, disable this feature completely.

The Automatic updates of the Avg.Com/Retail Antivirus to maintain the database of virus definitions to keep itself up to date. It consumes your internet connection and storage too. Again to avoid this problem, disable the automated updates options. Otherwise, it'll keep slowing down the running potential of your system.

Full scans use up so much processor power that it’s ridiculous trouble to try to do anything else at the same time because AVG needs to look at all your files and scan them for any issues. However, you'll increase the speed of scans by defragmenting your disk drive .

AVG asks you to have at least 512MB RAM for Windows XP and 2GB of RAM for Windows Vista and 7, as well as 500MB of free space and a 1GHz processor. This sort of problem doesn't happen with every system but if your system isn't capable enough to support it then it are often a drag . Develop the RAM and resolve this issue.

Steps to Fix Slow Computer Due to AVG Antivirus

These three steps will help you in fixing this issue of slow down processing.

Go to your AVG Antivirus Program and change all the options which are not providing any constant protection to our system anymore. Don’t enable the full version of AVG Antivirus Program all the time, use it only when you are using untrusted websites. It will be much better for your system if you don’t use AVG Antivirus Protection for the daily surfing of some frequently visit.

Prevent the AVG Antivirus from consuming your system resources as soon as your system starts working. Go to the window icon, Open up the beginning menu option and sort MSConfig within the search bar. Now click on search and navigate to the startup tab. Uncheck all the boxes which are directly or indirectly associated with the AVG Antivirus either by their name or where you see that the AVG is in the manufactured list of that item.

Don’t run the AVG Antivirus Program Protection all the time on your system. Make it run only at the end of the day once you finish your all work. At that point , run the complete virus scanner to scan the entire system and obtain obviate the slow processing of the system.

Follow These More Steps to form your Computer Run Faster

Here are the steps which will help in boosting the work performance of your system which is slow down due to the AVG Antivirus.

Delete all the heavy applications from the Computer

One of the easiest ways to boost your system is to remove all the heavy and unnecessary applications from your computer. Undoubtedly, AVG Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus in the technical market. It protects your system from all the unwanted threats, spyware, malware, But it's also true that it makes the system slow thanks to unnecessary processes that are running in the background.

Install and run Google Chrome on your System

Google Chrome is that the only browser that gives protection into the browser with none interference with another tool. When you will run the Google Chrome, you will witness how efficiently and easily your Computer is working. It will also provide protection from any kind of viruses, spyware, and adware without installing any Antivirus Program.

Install/Upgrade RAM

As we all know that the RAM is accountable for the processing speed of our system. When you clicked on too many icons at a time and make them run then also your system starts getting locked up, freezing and cause slow processing. So, to lock the processing of your computer increase the RAM of your system. Thus, the Antivirus will keep scanning the programs within the background and you'll also feel any trouble while performing on the system.

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