• Emma Pacino

Top 3 Search Engines that Made 2020 Rocking

Our World Wide Web is full of options and no matter what you search for, you always get search results. What makes these search results appear on your screen is the magic search engines play behind the scenes.

Check out the top 3 search engines that make your search life simple, fast and yes relevant.

Google - Undoubtedly, Google is the uncrowned king of all search engines simply for its sheer ease of use and the extensive searches that it takes into account to provide you relevant results. It is one of the fastest, safest, most reliable, and perhaps the largest database of every piece of data that is available on the Internet. It offers you different search conditions such as search for images, video content, news items, blogs and more. Besides the search engine, Google also offers you a host of other apps and features that contribute towards making your web experience on the whole satisfying.

Bing - Powered by Microsoft, Bing is one of the most preferred search engines for beginners and veterans alike. With an uncluttered look and different search modes such as search based on images, maps, videos and so on, Bing also allows you to search for information within a safe and dependable environment. To refine your search, this engine also allows you to narrow down by region, language and more…

Yahoo! - If you haven’t yet checked out Yahoo! now is your chance to do so. The search engine Yahoo! offers you different search options, right in the first display and refines your search by throwing up relevant results as per your search. So, depending on the genre of your search, you can look for the results in the relevant category – sports, news, astrology, lifestyle, movies… the list is endless and interesting. Also, this search engine offers you a load of information in a proactive manner, irrespective of whether or not you are looking for it. For example: it tracks your location and gives you the weather updates and provides you topics that are the most trending ones.

So, you must be thinking that you already knew this. But there are still many who use different search engines, not find what they are looking for and end up frustrated. Change to these search engines and get the best search engine of 2020

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