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Webroot.com/safe Login Problem - How Do I Manage My Account

Webroot is a very respected and renowned name when it comes to internet and device security. You will find a plethora of Webroot.com/Safe products that are specifically designed to protect your system from harmful internet viruses and other forms of malware. Downloading the products is equally as easy, as all you need to do is redeem your activation code at webroot.Com/Safe. However, before you can download your Webroot subscription, you need to log into your account.


If you do not already have one, you will have to create a new account at Www.webroot.Com/Safe. This account will be personal to you and will contain all of the information pertaining to your past and existing subscriptions. It will also be the hub using which you can manipulate the settings of your currently activated Www.Webroot.com/Safe programs.


Steps to Login at Webroot

Launch your browser and go to https://login.Webroot.com/.

Click on the Sign In button.

Enter your email address and password.

Click on Sign In.

Doing this should give you access to your account and associated details.

Registering a New Account

In case you do not have a Webroot.com/safe account, you can register for a new one.

Go to login.Webroot.com.

Click on Create Account.

Enter the information required in the given fields.

Enter your email address and confirm it along with a relatively strong password.

Submit your first and last name as well as your region and phone number.

Finally, press the Create Account button to finish registration.

Forgetting the Account Password

Click on the “Having Trouble Signing In” option at the login screen.

Enter your active email address. Www.Webroot.com/safe will send you a password reset link on that ID.

Open your email and click on the link.

Set your new password and you will gain access to your account.

Forgetting the Account Username

Your username can also be recovered using the steps mentioned above. You will receive your password reset email.

Steps to Edit Account Information

Login to your Webroot account using your credentials.

Go to the dashboard.

Select Personal Information.

Here, you will have access to edit your personal info that you set at the time of signing up such as your name, email address, region, and phone number.

Edit this information and then click on Save.

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