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Strengthen your Cyber Security for Online Shopping - Webroot.com/safe

Online Shopping is becoming popular these days and people are becoming crazy for online shopping. Because, online shopping is the easiest and convenient way of shopping. Increased online shopping, attract the cyber criminals. You know that hackers always find new ways to attack the internet users for their own benefits. Their main motive is make money by using the user’s personal information. So, Webroot team wants their users to be aware of the cyber attack and strengthen their cyber security. You can install www.webroot.com/safe. As Webroot gives updates on regular basis for the more protection of their internet connected device.

How to protect yourself while online shopping?

1. Ship to a secure location:

If you shop online, this increases the home deliveries. This led to increase in theft, as they steal packages from your doorsteps. So, it is advised that whatever you order online, ship that product to your office or some safe place. Amazon, Fed Ex has secure shipping lockers.

2. Only use official retailer apps to shop:

Always download reputable apps for shopping like App Store, Galaxy Apps, Google play, and Amazon App Store. Do not install unknowing app because it might contain malware. Because, hackers use fraudulent apps to put malware into your device and steal important information from your device.

3. Don’t save your credit card information on your accounts:

It is advised that don’t save your credit card information on your accounts because all the retail websites cannot secure your information. And hackers can also access your shopping account and make unnecessary purchases from your information. You should skip the auto fill option and use password manager which gives more security to your data.

4. Always purchase from Secure Websites:

It is advised that you should not purchase from unsecured websites i.e. the sites which do not start with the lock sign and it has “http “in the beginning. Always purchase from sites which starts with “https” in the beginning. Because “https” ensure that the data you send is encrypted.

5. Be cautious of fake emails:

You must have received the emails from some websites that there are high discounts on certain websites. Do not click on that link or attachment because it might be a phishing email whose main motive is to steal just personal information through these emails.

6. Install Webroot antivirus software:

It is advised that you should install Webroot antivirus via www.webroot.com/safe in your device. Because this antivirus gives updates on regular basis for the protection of your device. It scans the data of your device and gives you alert warning if it found any kind of threat.

For more information, you can contact to the customer care executive of Webroot via webroot.com/safe. You can even call on their toll free number for help and support.

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